Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celebrating my salvation from work!


Yesterday was the BIG day. The day I've been waiting for, for about four months now. The day that symbolizes the start of my writing career.

My last day at work!

I'm now a full-time writer!!

Well, I am if you consider it full-time in among all the other benefits of being a Domestic Goddess. And you know what I mean by benefits.

So after a crazy morning of waking up late, attending Hayley's Academic Awards ceremony on an empty stomach and making a bunch of phone calls, I went into the office.

I didn't take my lunch, hoping that there'd be a going-away lunch for me. That's what we usually do for people, but it's usually Scott that puts it on his credit card. And since the company still owes us $3000 in expenses from last January, we're not in a position to incur any further business costs. So I wasn't expecting anything. Hoping, but certainly not expecting.

Once I sat down, I IMed the the sole estrogen-dominated human still employed there to see if she'd ask Tom (owner of the original company) if he'd pay for a good-bye lunch.

He did. And we all sat around the conference table eating Thai and talking (for a brief time) about my foray into writerhood. Then the conversation moved into SciFi like it always does. I've learned to expect no less from a bunch of programmers.

I finished up a few final Support tickets (leaving the harder ones -- heehee), took down the artwork posted by my girls and said good-bye.

Kate has left the building!

It's not like I won't ever be back. I mean, my husband still works there, for goodness sake. Scott walked me out to my car and was so, so sad! I very nearly called the quitting-my-job thing off just so I could stay and make him smile. But that just wouldn't do.

Now, of course, this next week is Spring Break for the girls. Thus, I have absolutely no expectations about how much writing I'll actually get done. But I'm not going to worry about it. Not even a little.

'Cause I don't have to go back to the office come Monday morning!



I remember when my wife quit her job to write. She may not make much, but she loves it.

BTW, since you live in the PNW, you may be interested in a weekend writers retreat on the WA Penninsula the first weekend in March. Do a google search for "writer's weekend" and it should take you to a site or two with the info. Some of those writers have sold hundreds of thousands of books.

Kate said...

Thanks, Blazer Prophet! I'll definitely check that out. Glad you stopped by!