Monday, January 18, 2010

Blogging from Germany!

Forgot the funniest part of yesterday...

After I tore off my 36-hour old clothes and got into my jammies, I wanted to order room service. But I speak...

No. German. At. All. (Except for what my co-worker with me taught me on the plane: fork, knife, green salad, bread, butter, water.)

I didn't want to order if I couldn't at least say please and thank you. (Ok, so I knew thank you.) So I opened my laptop and tried to get online so I could find out.


Fought with the system for half an hour, tried to call the free support and couldn't get through.

I'm starving, so I tried to bring up Google Translate on my iPhone. Forgot that internet access is turned off since it's too expensive to use out of the US.

So I'm starving, exhausted, frustrated and completely at a loss.

Laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Why, oh why, didn't I watch the dvd Cotten (co-worker) give me on learning a language while you fly?

Finally called the front desk. "Oh, the internet isn't free. You have to pay for it." Nice. After that, I got online no problem. Found out how to say please in German (bitte) and then found out that the Room Service staff speaks English.

I wasn't finding it all so funny last night, but today, I got a good giggle out of it.

P.S. I feel for the Haitians, but CNN (the only English speaking station here) needs to report on something else!


Sam said...

Hello Friend. love your blog from germany. and know what you mean about cnn. pie is good, but what about sandwiches? happy day to you. from Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

Kate said...

Hi Sam, I didn't understand your reference to sandwiches until I checked out your blog. Fun stuff! Maybe, just maybe, you'll inspire me to try some new varieties. (I have to say I'm sick to death of plain meat and mayo on white bread.) Thanks for posting!