Thursday, January 21, 2010

Germany: Day 4 or I want to be a professional snowman builder when I grow up

Ahhh.... finally got a chance to wander around the city of Berlin! Cotten and I left work at noon and spent the afternoon rubber-necking at the amazing architecture of East Berlin.

Well, let me clarify that statement. The ancient buildings that survived the war are amazing. The "new" construction that replaced the many, many places that were destroyed are, as I said earlier in the week, completely utilitarian. Rather boring. Like twin sisters, one beautiful, the other rather unfortunate looking.

We had lunch in Berlin's famous TV Tower...

With full tummies, we meandered down a prominent street lined with museums, ending at the famous Bradenburg Gate.

A couple photos I took along the way... (Real photos, not stock photos. Sorry about those. It was snowing pretty hard.)


Professional snowman builders...

Actually, the snowman thing is a part of an upcoming event on global warming. Plastered all over town are posters with snowmen, women and children melting and saying, "Helfen Sie mir!" (Help me!)

We finished our day at KaDeWe, an 8 story department store that presides on one full city block. Holy Moly. If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. Their chocolate dept. was Un. Be. Lieve. Able. Seriously. It was so big that it's the kind of place where you end up buying your favorite Hershey bar because you can't possibly make a decision.

The entire store was fancy-schamancy. To put it in perspective for you, even their cafeteria had whole lobsters available.

Yeah. I think so, too.

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