Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Will you move to Florida?


Run screaming! And, for effect, wave your arms in the air hysterically as you're running away! (That will amuse everyone who's watching you and hey, might as well make people smile, right?)

I will not move to Florida.

Why, you ask? Wouldn't it be great new fodder for my moving book?

Yes, it would. But here's why there will be no moving trucks at my house in the foreseeable future...

1. I don't like palm trees.
2. 90 degree weather 11 months out of the year makes me cringe. I need cold weather and seasons.
3. I like my friends in Vancouver.
4. I like my church in Vancouver.
5. The average speed of drivers in Boca Raton is about 7.
6. Even the automatic doors are slow.
7. It's waaaaaaaay too far from my family.

The list goes on. But you get the point.

Visiting, though, is wonderful! The hotel is fantastic and is located in the same cute little complex as the office. While I personally couldn't throw a stone at the hotel from the office, most other people with any amount of strength in their upper arms could.

There are several little restaurants here as well. Morton's -- yum! Rocco's Tacos -- oh, Mom, you would just have to start at the beginning of the menu and work your way down. The best nachos I've ever had. There's an Italian place, too, and while I can see their outdoor seating area from my posh little office, I can't quite see the sign with the name of the place.

Scott is crazy busy and mostly stressed out. I totally understand why. I'd feel the same way if I was doing the work of 8 people. He's incredible. He really is. If he ever had job security, this is it.

I walked into the office this morning in jeans (standard attire) and a sleeveless top. The other ladies in the office all looked askance! "Aren't you freezing?" they asked. Ummmmm... No. It was 55 outside at the time and quickly warming up to about 70. But in Florida, that's enough to bring out the turtle necks and thick sweaters. What on earth did they do a couple weeks ago when the temp really dropped?

Support emails are calling. Kaaate! Kaaaaate! Come answer us! We need you! Off I go to answer that anti-siren call.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHA! I used to live in Florida... Tampa, actually. I loathed the traffic and the snow birds infiltrating the city with their giant Winnebagos and bad driving. The weather... ugh. It does bad things to good hair.
Funny post!

Anonymous said...

Used to travel to Florida on business. Usually in August when it was just yuck! And...I agree with the Lisa Marie...I never had a good hair day in Florida! Denise Z.

Ms Bibi said...

Never been in FLorida, but would love to go for a visit. I don't think I would like living there.