Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Germany: Day 3 or IMing can be really inappropriate

I was training a girl at the office today on how to answer Support emails for our software. Get a load of this... While I was sitting there, while I was talking to her about how best to help a customer, she pulls up Skype and starts IMing someone.

While I'm training her!! Hello? McFly??

I mean, come one. I don't care if your fresh out of college and it's part of your weird generational thing to be using as many social networking sites as you do fingers all at the same time. Don't do it while I'm training you!!!

That notwithstanding, I felt totally brushed off by her and the other support people here in Berlin. They paid attention during the training sessions; I'll give them that. But they really need to practice with the software so they understand it. How else are they going to be able to help customers?

But this group does not believe they need practice. They're just fine on their own.

Fine then. I'll just take tmro afternoon off and go tour the city.

So there.

Fun Berlin fact of the day: Every single tree in the city is numbered. They care that much about their trees. Yes, their trees. When a tree is diseased, the Head Tree Master calls out the tree shaman to care for it. If a tree dies, they plant a new one. There can never be any fewer trees than there are currently. Only more.

Strange, but cool, I guess.

Tonight we had dinner at this cute little German place with photos of old Berlin on the walls. It was an itty, bitty little place, but their food was highly recommended.

Remind not to come back as a German in my next life. 'Cause the food on that menu was revolting. It was just stomach-churning to even mention here.

Miss Picky Eater here finally decided on a bowl of potatoes coup. It was pretty good, but nothing I'd order again. I also would not order the tripe or 99% of the other menu items. Blech.

Literally falling asleep while I type. Better go snuggle under my duvet and close my baby-blues. 'Night night.

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