Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it wrong to cry over donuts?

'Cause that's what I did on the way home from picking up Scott at the airport today. He's been in Florida all week on business and I couldn't wait to see him!

I pulled up at Arrivals in my silver Hyundai chariot. He stowed his bags in the back and called up between the seats, "I'll drive, Sweetie!" Huh? Umm... why exactly?? I turned around and said, "You want to drive?" "Yeah, move over!" O-kay then.

Really I didn't mind getting out of the car. It's much easier greeting your husband when you're not behind a steering wheel. *heehee*

When we finally got back in the car, he tossed a bag -- a beautiful, waxy, white bag with orange and pink writing -- into my lap. The blessed man brought me two chocolate cream filled Dunkin' Donuts! One of my most favoritist foods in the entire world!

I was so happy, so touched that he took the time and effort to buy two fragile donuts and then protect them across the entire expanse of the country. And yes, tears actually came to my eyes as I bit into the first one and felt the sweetness melt on my tongue and saw the powdered sugar fall across my lap.

Oh, what bliss!

We here in the Northwest are completely lacking the world's most perfect donuts. Not a franchise within hundreds of miles. And I miss these donuts. Others simply cannot compare.

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