Monday, January 18, 2010

Germany: Day 1 1/2

Yes, I say Day 1 1/2 because it's 4 am and I can't sleep. Not jet lag, but worry that I won't wake up in time to get ready for work

You all know how my finicky eating habits rival any three year old's. Well, when you don't speak the language and you don't want to make an ass out of yourself, you take what you can get.

For lunch, Christian (one of our Berlin co-workers) ordered us a grilled cabbage wrapped meatball with potatoes. Never would I personally order that, but I'm game. It was actually pretty good. The meatball was simple and light and sooo tender. The cabbage was cooked just enough to make it tender, but not floppy. I actually at most of it!

Yay me! (Hahahahaha1)

Cotten and I had dinner in this great little restaurant that's famous for feeding visiting dignitaries. Here's what I had...

There was actually salami on the plate, too, but I ate that before I thought to take a photo.

Three cheers for whoever can guess what the round ball of white stuff is next to the bread.

Anyone? Anyone?

Get ready to hold down your lunch, American friends. It was shortening! Yes, like Crisco kind of shortening! To spread on your bread. And to immediately increase your weight. And to clog your arteries. And to increase like likelihood of a future heart attack.

Needless to say, I didn't touch the shortening.

The guy next to me had leg of lamb. An actual leg of lamb. A whole leg of lamb. I think I heard lamb cries when he started digging in.

Here's a pic of the menu. Not sure if you can read the umm... hate to say it... but I'm going to anyway... revolting part.

"Pickled knuckle of pork"

That is just so wrong.

I saw freshly cut pineapple at the breakfast buffet yesterday. The buffet I was too late to eat at. I'm hoping for that and some more Kate-friendly food. Only an hour and a half till it opens. I'm hungry, but hopefully I won't be awake then.

Off to try to sleep. Guten Tag!

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