Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are they ready? What's more, am I ready?

Hayley and Emma love my new layered hairstyle so much that they now want layers of their own. I'm not so sure about that.

Hayley is almost 13 so age-wise, I think it's the right time for her to start caring a little more about her looks. She loves pulling her hair into a pony tail and it's cute, but I have to tell you... the girl has thick, gorgeous hair and when she lets it down, it's incredible. It's got a little bit of body to lend it wave; it's got natural highlights and lowlights. Talk about being blessed.

Maybe a layered hair cut would be okay. My hesitation, though, lies in the fact that she flatly refuses to blow dry her hair and could generally care less about styling it. And when she does want it styled, I'm the one who still has to do it.

I've yet to see her experiment on her own. That right there tells me she's not ready for a real hairstyle yet.

Now let me expound on the fashionista in the family. Emma.

She loves fashion, hairstyles, accessories and helping me pick out clothes. (I confess that I need the help. Clothes frustrate me to no end and since my mom isn't nearby to pick out my clothes for me every day, I have an Emma to help. LOL)

In fact, Emma is right here next to me drawing and accessorizing a life-size picture of herself. (Giant sheets of Styrofoam are wonderful things, I tell ya!) Don't let the bow in her life-sized self fool you... she won't wear a hair accessory to save her life. While she loves to try new hairstyles, she absolutely will not wear a barrette or hair band to save her life. Pony tails are solely reserved for when she needs to get her hair out of her face.

So is she ready for an pre-teen hair cut? She'll be 10 in one month and two days. I guess we can go with long layers so if she doesn't like them or refuses to do anything with them, she can quickly grow them out.

After sitting here staring at the screen and contemplating the issue, I think the bottom line is... are they willing to take care of their hair themselves? If they're old enough to get actual styles, they should be old enough care for them.

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