Sunday, August 1, 2010

Since when????

Due to the stale quality of a bag of sandwich rolls, Emma and I gleefully headed to a local pond to feed the ducks.

(The last time we'd been there, she was about 18 months. When she unleashed her toddler bread-throwing attempts on the ducks, they scattered.)

There's no chance for Emma to prove to the quackers that her aim has improved. 'Cause feeding ducks is now illegal!!!!

Since when? I guess I understand given the reasons listed on the sign (malnutrition, dependency, disease, environmental degradation and pollution).

But I'm so sad that I''ll no longer have the opportunity to hear my not-so-little girl's giggles as ducks follow her around the path, honking for more bread.

Bummer. Times two.

In light of my optimistic personality, though, I must point out that we had a wonderful time at the pond anyway. We ambled around the perimeter, then sat on a bench and watched the ducks we couldn't feed. Emma leaned her head on my shoulder and we sat there, so comfortable and toasty. I wish I had a photo.

And then we spotted the turtles! Lots and lots of turtles! We laughed as they paddled around the water, sticking their tiny heads above the surface. We counted and quickly lost track of the numbers of dog-paddling turtles.

The turtles garnered a gaggle of little girl giggles. (Like my alliteration there? LOL) So I heard the giggles anyway. *sigh*

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margg. said...

that's so horrible!
i love feeding the ducks!