Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today = A brand new box of Crayolas

Rife with possibility. Anything can be created. Anything can happen.

My wonderful and much-loved daughters are back at school. Thank the good Lord, we somehow made it through another summer. And I have survived, with only a couple gray hairs to show for it.

Now I sit here in the beautiful silence bathing in the possibilities of the day. Should I write? Or sleep? Take a long, long shower? (Don't call the San Diego water police on me, though!)

What about a pastry and coffee at Starbucks? Or perusing at the mall? Oooh! I could make some cards and listen to an audio book!

Maybe all of the above? Well, I only have 5 hours left so I'm going to have to make a choice...

Sleep sounds really, really good.

Considering that both girls slept with me in bed last night. Little sleep was had on my part.

Maybe a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and a few minutes of the Today Show will help me decide.

Hope all of you are having a day as wonderful and promising as mine!

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Denise Z. said...

How wonderful! The silence is indeed nice. Hope the girls did well! Hugs, Denise Z.