Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray! The start of another school year!

Hayley and Emma donned their extra cranky hats today since it's the last day of summer vacation.

But we made it a fun day anyway with swimming at the local pool and ice cream from Rite-Aid. Back at home, I let them veg in front of the tv (a huge treat since they don't usually get to watch tv during the day). They finished watching the ancient Michael Keaton/Gina Davis movie Beetlejuice, then played a couple rounds of Settlers of Catan.

Dinner, showers and reading completed our day. They're now tucked safely (if not happily) into bed.

Nonetheless, backpacks are filled, lunches prepped, French toast breakfast ingredients collected, new sneakers lined at the front door like little soldiers and first day of school clothes are quietly waiting on the tops of their dressers.

Off to bed for me in just a few minutes. Getting the kids up and out early means getting myself up and out early as well.

Operator? May I please have a 6am wake-up call?

I don't even mind the early rising since I will be privileged to have seven bicker-free hours all to myself!

***Update Update Update***

I'd barely finished typing this post when Emma came downstairs telling me that she's worried about her sissy. Awww! Hayley was sitting on the balcony sobbing. Poor angel isn't so nervous about starting a new school, but is just missing her friends from WA. My heart is breaking for her. I think I should staple a sign to my forehead: "World's Worst Mommy".

At any rate, both girls have cuddled up in my bed and hopefully, prayerfully, they'll fall asleep soon.

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