Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look ye out fer a new Delicious as Pie feature!

I'm a-fixin' to give you-un's a shout-out on ye special days, be it a birthday, anniversary or first time picking a messa collard greens.

Just cha remember this: If ya don't see yo-self on this here Shout Out, don't go lookin' for a hangin' rope. Just shoot me an email lettin' me know you're a-hankerin' for some attention!

But seein' as hows I dunno many of yarn's birthdays and 'versaries, cha gotta tell me! I'll be a-lookin' fer yer comments!

(If you're wondering about the Southern talk, it's what's in my head right now. I'm re-reading the amazing novel "Christy". And true to form, the speech patterns of characters get stuck in my head and I think that way until I finish the book. Luckily for my family, I don't speak it out loud. Usually. LOL)


Beth said...

I was at my friend Anita's blog and saw that you left a I came over to check you out...

My pathetic blog addy is

I haven't updated in awhile feeling kinda blah...but it will be tomorrow or Friday for sure!

Holly said...

Hey Kate! Saw you commented on my ecostore post on my blog about the soap and your daughter's skin problems. It might help alot...anything natural can.

But one soap I know will be great for her skin because of the goat milk is at . There soap is amazing, and many testimonies tell how using there soaps have cleared up eczema, rosceia, and so many other skin problems. I have a review and link up on them, so I would definitely check them out! (I have become friends with their family, that's why I am giving the shout out!)

Hope you can find something that helps your girl!