Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FREE! FREE! FREE! I adore free!

I finally got my act (and my list) (and my coupons) together and headed out to Super Coupon!!

I am so excited to tell you everything I purchased for next to NOTHING!

My grand total, including tax on all items, came to $20.67!

Here are the sundries that overflowed my many reusable bags...

2 reams of paper: 50 cents/each
1 8-pk of Bic pens: 1 cent
2 4 oz. bottles of glue: 1 cent/each
1 box HP 4x6 photo paper: $1

King-sized Three Musketeers: 24 cents
Philips earbuds: FREE!!

8 lbs. Domino sugar: $2.38
Blistex: FREE!!
Walgreen's 8 ct. tampons: FREE!
Tampax 18 ct.: 99 cents
Colgate Advanced: 25 cents
(Also received a Catalina coupon for another free box of tampons (up to $5) and a mail-in coupon for a free string backpack filled with a jump rope, water bottle and something else I can't identify from the picture. LOL)

2 30-ct Purex sheets: $2.98 each
12 oz. Pantene shampoo: $1
12 oz. Pantene conditioner: $1
Nivea lip balm: FREE!!

And lest you think this took most of the day, it didn't. I spent an hour this morning listing exactly what and how much I needed and assembling coupons. I clipped them all by store, so I was completely prepared.

I don't think I spent longer than 10 minutes in any of the stores, so it was totally worth my time.


Kendra said...

Wow!! Okay, I have been thinking about doing more shopping at CVS & Walgreens to utilize their little programs, but have no idea how they work. YOu just might be the lady to tell me! Did you clip your coupons from teh newspaper or what?

Kate said...

To get the best deals, you have to combine coupons with sales. If you did compare all the stores, sales and coupons, though, you'd go insane. Fortunately, there are a ton of sites that do it all for you.

My favorite is: www.myfrugaladventures.com. She lists exactly what coupons to use at which stores and how much you'll likely end up paying for any given item.

You can also go to www.supercouponing.com for quick overview. Don't order the dvd, though. It's exactly what's on the website.

The first step to couponing is *not* to cut out the Sunday coupons. Write the date on each one, then file it. Coupons *usually* don't come out when things are on sale, so the trick is to hold onto the coupons until the item *is* on sale.

The internet is also a great place for coupons. I use www.coupontom.com to find coupons all the time.

Feel free to ask me any questions! I'd love to help!

Kate :)