Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Culinary Big "O"

People tell me I eat like a bird. (Well, minus the worms.) I do have a stomach the size of a golf ball, after all. Three bites of food, I'm full.

Even with my favorite foods, I generally *can't* eat more than a few bites, however much I might want to. That too-full feeling is just too darned uncomfortable and I'm not willing to endure it.

That being said...

Last night, Scott and I ran away from home for a couple hours. 6:30 on a Friday night is a tough time to go out to eat. Just about every restaurant has an hour-plus wait. Thank the good Lord, we got lucky when we finally decided on The Elephant Bar. Immediate seating!!

We both ordered the New York Strip Sandwich -- an 8 oz. strip on toasted garlic bread with a side of fries.

If I could hand out food awards, this one would win "The Big O Replicator". LOL

It. Was. That. Good.

It was so good that I, Official Bird-Like Eater, ate the ENTIRE THING in a matter of minutes. No thoughts about feeling uncomfortably full. No concern for calories. No attention to anything but this most amazing meal ever put in front of me.

Cooked to a perfect and tender medium, I enjoyed this steak more than any I've had at more expensive restaurants. The garlic bread underneath was softened by the juice of the steak and plenty of butter. The garlic... well, garlic makes everything that much better.

I shared one bite, one single itty-bitty bite, with Scott. (Being allergic to just about everything in bread, he eats very little of it anyway.) He fully agreed that it was amazing and then commented (jokingly, I think), "You better share some more with me so we both have garlic breath later."

Normally, this would give me cause to pause. I generally try to go easy on the garlic at dinner... You know, just in case. *wink wink*

This time, I ignored him completely and kept eating. Does that tell you something about how much I loved this meal? Hahahahahahahaha!

And what's more... I finished my entire steak and accompanying garlic bread in less time than it took Scott to eat even half of his.

Ignoring the fries completely, I pushed my plate back, settled my head on the back of the booth and sighed with heavenly satisfaction.

Scott just looked at me, smiling, and then asked, "Do you need a cigarette?"


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