Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ree. Dic. U. Lus.

Hayley's middle school is six minutes away. Three miles. Long enough to mandate a bus, right?

Well, it would have been in the olden days.

But those darned buses are just too expensive to run. The district can't afford it anymore, so they hefted the cost onto the parents.

Thoughtfully, they presented those parents with a choice:

Fork over $575 for a year of bus transportation for your kid ----- or ------ don't have bus transportation at all. 

And it wasn't an individual decision. The majority of the parents had to agree to pay for bus privileges. Naturally, most parents opted not to pay.

The school district axed the buses.

Here's what they didn't axe:

Long, long, long, long (and longer) lines of traffic.
Red lights.
Minimal parking.
Poor access to the school.
Angry parents.
Bored adolescents.
Wasted gas.
Wasted money on said gas.
Millions of pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere.


Emma's fifth grade class has 35 students. 

Her classroom is so jam packed with desks that there's barely enough room to walk between desks.

Floor space for circle time has been dismissed.


Hayley's middle school classes have 45 kids!

Well, all except one: gym.

That one has 60.

Yes, you read that correctly. Sixty. 6-0.


Thank the good Lord that my daughters are intelligent and choose to pay attention in class. And thank Him even more that I am able to stay at home and have the opportunity to supplement their education.

They're gonna need it.

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Joyce said...

Oh my goodness...I have 28 Sixth Graders this year, and I thought that was crowded. Your poor teachers. We have had budget cuts, but not nearly this big. I'll have to share this with my fellow teachers...we should all feel better about our own situation.